Friday, October 29, 2004

[insert cool title here]

i dont even kno what to blog about. i just wanna blog, to get my ish inside me out. oh well just gonna do whatever. you know what. whenever you feel like everything's going wrong in your life, everything's retarded, nothing's going the right way...i've found out that a lot of people are going thru the same things, well not necessarily the same things, but similar issues at the same time. its funny how when i have a lot of problems in my life, i've focused on myself. but God's sent me soooo many angels to talk to me, to try to comprehend me, and relate to me. and what do you know? i've found four of them, going thru the same thing. but usually whats always the main issues of peoples lives are: 1. family 2. friends 3. school or 4. the special member of the opposite sex. family issues usually involve parents only cuz siblings work things out faster. friend issues mostly involve lil conflicts as we dont agree on the same things or you expect them to be there, and in the end they werent. school: self-explanatory. and your special someone. ehh we've all got our own problems, but the biggest problem is how to work things out. and it seems like none of us have got the answer. oh well family for mending i hope. and friends, to my closests you guys know who you are.. last year was way out of a good way. just being sooo close with each other, and just the comfy fuzzy feeling whenever i'm around you guys. i've always looked forward to the next time we chilled, cuz i knew something great was gonna happen. and im not saying now i dont look forward to chillin with you guys. and yeah we've talked about this before. it seems like nothing's interesting. everything's so routine. but you know i'm always gonna stick by. let's work on getting our laughing spasms, our deep talks not about people, but about ideas. i'll love you always..annndd schoool. whoahoho. hoping to get a 90 this year, but i feel like i hafta settle for less. as in an 80. it SUUUUCKS. maybe i shouldnt procrastinate so much, and acutally do my homework or even study hard. aaaaaaannnnnnndddddd as for the special someone, eehhh cant complain, cant really be all too happy about it either. and to whoever's reading this. life will always suck, but just think about it stay close and faithful to God. in the end it'll be WAAAY worth it. as in..non-sucky eternity! ie. HEAVEEEENN. Jesus is my only motivation for anything right now. everythings bleckyy. oh and on a final note, i miss my laughing spasms. i miss the way my tummy hurt, the way i couldnt breath, the way when you try to stop laughing you cant. and what youre laughing about isnt funny at all. siiighs* joo.pheebs.jeenn.jooshh. andd waaay before then. kathy. sighs* next week should be a way to catch up on things, shouldnt it? allala thoughts were all scattered but who cares?