Tuesday, October 26, 2004


wouldnt it be so great if we wouldnt hafta ever grow up? wouldnt it be so great if we could just go thru another knowing that tomoro we'd be the same age, same maturity level, same naiveness. people these days long to grow up, but we really dont know what we're rushing. we could possibly be rushing the less stressful days of our life. like peter pan and the lost boys, they lived in neverland, never grew up. all they did was laugh and have fun all day. we used to be like that. now im like wendy or john or even michael. i want to fly off to neverland, a place of wonders, where i dint have to grow up and i can be as i am. ehh..too bad neverland's not a real place.

oh well..growing up has it's pros and cons. there's actually a difference between growing up and growing old. everyone eventually grows older, but not everyone grows up. too bad isnt it? as for now, i think maybe we're maturing too fast. maybe, hopefully, we'll find that lil kid in us again where we used to laugh at everything, be worryfree, or just be free of all the problems we have now.

it's still a wonder to me, maybe there is such thing as a neverland. that couuld be heaven right? we'll be there forever, and we'll never grow old. its a place of joy and happiness. free of anything that stops us from being the happy people God made us to be. i look forward to that Day, when we arrive at our Neverland.