Monday, November 01, 2004


thats right. i'll be confessing. about what? i dont kno. lots of stuff. i really REALLY do not like ultimate losers, though i feel sorry for them. people with dramatic style freak me out ie. goth, punk. i check a lot of aa people's updates, if they post whatever's on their page, its meant for everyone to read isnt it? so its not called stalking lol. i am always continuously eating, but i grow tall not. i used to be prissy, but i have changed my ways. i am a struggling Christian ready to take over the world. actually no, i try to do big things, but they never work. i try to do little things, but no one notices. extremely loud people REALLY annoy the heck outta me. i get peeved if people continuously ask me the same questions over and over again when the answer was already given. i will be patient at first, then i break out if the person STILL doesnt understand. i have low yet high expectations on people i meet. i am a major suck up to parents and teachers, but admit it, who doesnt wanna be liked? well thats the end. bye