Monday, November 29, 2004

double trouble

haha. no really. it was double trouble. two cousins comin from concord (a lil outside of boston) so therefore, food's gone, space gone, time gone. it was cools, not as bad as i expected it to be. probably it was cuz we've gotten a lot more comfy around each other. hmm but yet again, i failed to reach out to them. well i kinda indirectly did, and they kinda gave me the vibe that they didnt wanna hear it. but thats okay, next time..hopefully. but wow, this past week i've watched so many movies. old and new: the incredibles, shattered glass, harry potter 3, saved, new york minute, elf. hahah wow, i think my cousins should come more, then i have an excuse for entertaining myself with movies. XD aannnddd we finally reached vaughan mills. looks like an american mall, but it was cool. bought the champs i wanted, though not in preferable colour, still good though! aaanndd, i had the most amazing apple cider too. yumm, i'm always gonna get it now. tres good. k well, off to finishin up my civics so i have a kind of free day tomoro. grr, plans arent working out again, ride-wise. ahhhhh wells take care loves~merry christmas *