Monday, December 20, 2004


i've found that, no matter how hard i try i'm never going to please everyone. and throughout my life, there've been so many people influences, not all of them were good but thankfully most of them were worthwhile. i used to complain a lot and i prolly still do, just not as much only because it makes me miserable as well as the person i'm complaining to. and i've noticed that each person has their own way of living, good or bad its their life. for the past few months, struggles and all, i found the people who cared and let me know they always will. growin up isnt easy, but i want to make my younger years worth living so i wont regret when i'm actually an adult and look back at how much i wasted my life. i've used the computer less, and as a human we're prone to comparing ourselves with others, so i'm trying to stop that since it's a stupid thing to do anyways. i used to be superficial, but now i'm more practical. and my goal now is to be the best person i can be so maybe in the future someone would eventually look up to me. people have no need for critics becuase what they need are models. oh and to those who waste their life away in negativity, have fun spazzing it doesnt take you anywhere.

i'm so proud of the ppl at rhfmc who got baptized, though it was jokes cuz you guys ARE jokes, baptism is supposed to be serious! thanks a million to the ho family and mishhh. love you lots :) anyways went boarding today for the first time in 4 years. ahahah i think im getting the hang of it. fell too many times though. i need a masseuse for the pains in my buttocks that im gonna get. oh and just a lil endnote: i smell so good i could date, no, MARRY myself. mwarharharharhar. good nite buddieessssss