Wednesday, February 23, 2005

there there, corduroy bear

mmm so today started out with the rush of the pascal/cayley contest. ehh, i'm not a mathie, so ehh i could care less, just did it to check out how well my math was. i prolly couldve done better with more time. but screws, still okay. so doing that, made me miss my science test. YAAY, another day to study... and then accounting. lunch, i love lunch now. hhaha with all the specials and ish. i hope it keeps up ^^. n then french was jokes as usual. hahaha history we had this huge discussions over the nhl lockout and the purchases of ferrari's. n then math, normal. n then after school i see curt's sap isp. its soooo cool. everyone's like overwhelming with memories. fat anthony. and burnt curt. orchestra, we really suck. and then missions training made my day. all the skits were hilarious. everyone's getting a lot closer with each other. n then after we all go talk to mr philip and why he's not inviting us to his wedding dadada. and then chris and christine go talk about his unibrow and if he's gonna shave it or not for his wedding. n then chris goes, "do you ever braid it?" n then we all break out laughing. and you know when i laugh, i tend to like move around a lot so then i like bent down cuz i couldnt breath with the pizza in my throat. n then jen, laughing so hard pushes me down even lower. hahaha n then they kinda all leave after chris disses him again. so then i pat mr philip. i'm like "there there....corduroy bear" (cuz he was wearing a corduroy blazer) n then we all pause with silence. n then mr philip just breaks out with the funniest laugh. n then me n jen laugh like crazy til we couldnt breath. LOL it made my day.