Friday, April 22, 2005


today was track, only ran about 400m ish, like not even close to what i used to run in the previous years. just really lazy, and it doesnt really matter to me anymore. but in the end, still won some ribbons :) good enough for me. so tomoro i'm heading off to europe, you wont be seeing my BEAUTIFUL person for two weeks. miss me? i know you will ;) but thats okay, i'm gonna miss all you loveloves like crazy, why cant you all leave with me :( but meanwhile, have fun, but not too much cuz i know things wont be too fun without me :P cocky i am, NOT. i love you darlings i love you i love you. miss you, i'll send you all postcards if i get the chance, get you souvenirs, and when i come back love you even more! *infinite hugs and kisses*