Saturday, May 28, 2005


it's amazing how things turn out at the end. so after school i rush home to get ready cuz i was supposed to be picked up at 4 45. but then kevin ends up being late picking me up at 5 30. lol so then i'm like in his van with his parents, sister and tim. it was an interesting ride to the liberty grande. hahaha his sister is hilarious. she's like. "kevin runs around in his underwear at home" hahaha n then she tells me how kevin got drunk. she reminds me of my siblings, and that gives me a pointer to never introduce them to her lol.

we finally arrive a lil late but even the president wasnt there yet, so we were pretty relieved. spent too long tryina put kevin's REALLY heavy corsage on, n then i had to ask two other girls to put it on for him. ahha in the end it finally worked out. dont worry, this one is the practice one. ahhaha i've got two more to go. spent around 2 hours ish doing registration and putting out glowsticks, champagne glasses and photo albums (they're lil momentos) i'm surprised dmci put so much effort into this. and then doing that i met shawn kim aka tyrone. ahhaha his actual name is tyrone, but since he's korean the name's too black for him. hahahah n then we take the photos, we couldve taken more but kevin and his big mouth :P said i dint go to dmci so we werent allowed. pooosers, oh and while i was helping out at the front desk, joey and merke both called me! it made my somewhat boring time, unboring even though it was only for a short while.

the next command that the president gave us was to hand out ballots for best dressed around the hall to each table. so alalal each table, until i got to this one, it was supposedly the gangster table. LOL n then while i was handing the ballots out, this guy (apparently the class clown, but i dint know at the time, so i was pretty freaked out) started talking to me. he was like "oh i'll vote you for best dressed" n then i'm like "i dont go to this school" he's like "it's okay, i'll put you down anyway. whats your name?" me "rachel" him "last name" me "fung" him "i dont know how to spell that" me "thats okay" *continue walking, freaked out*

so after we count all the ballots which was really confusing, we got FREE food. the waiters/waitresses were so nice. they saw tim, kev and i sitting at an empty table and asked us if we would like some. hahaha so who could turn down the offer? it was good lasagna, though it was veggie. hahah n then cheesecake. it made us soooo happy. ahhah like we all thought it would be a crappy night, but it wasnt. since the only other person i knew other than tim and kev was shawn (tyrone), i went to his table aka the stag table as kevin called it. his friends were all korean or chinese i think. ahahah as they were going thru their names, i couldnt understand cuz it was mainly fob korean names. so i made up names for them LOL. they enjoyed it i think, since they were laughing. kyle was really cool, he was one of the normal ones, with the names i could pronounce. lol

finally after some time it was like already nine-ish and kevin told my parents that i'd be back at ten. but ahhaha me being "rebellious" told him to stay until twelve. so picture time was next. i took a picture with a guy that was on his way to harvard, i dont rmb his name. but i took one anyway, just in case he becomes famous one day so then i can prove and say "i went to his prom!" n then we wander and take pictures outside on the patio and ish. like wow, the place was really elegant i thought.

mmmm no one was dancing to music the whole night, so i thought, wow dmci's pretty conservative, until the king and queen were crowned and they had their traditional dance. n then everyone had their slow dance, but until the upbeat music came on. hahah it was like total change from what the atmosphere was from the beginning. it was funny for me cuz guys were dancing with each other, and so i asked shawn why, and he was like NO GIRLS TO DANCE WITH! lol and i guess i had fun on the floor, awkward for me in the beginning but hey, it was another experience. seeing old teachers dancing was... pretty... interesting hahah it was jokes though. different genres of music were played. first it was the nice easy slow songs, n then randomly came latin music that i dint know how to dance to.... lol

and finally we had to leave a lil bit early cuz my parents were getting worried that i was two hours late. LOL and my mom was like okay kevin needs to come talk to me and explain. and kevin trudges to my door, waits there, but my mom was sleeping. hahah so i told him to go. and i'm so glad that my parents dint make a big deal about me getting home at around 1am ish. they were just like, oh tell me everything tomoro. har, i feel cool. *shifts eyes* so finally, i wanna say thank you kev, for everything :)