Saturday, June 04, 2005


hahaha so it took a while for me and jo to figure out the two meanings behind it. LOL and i also thought the presentation would be really cheesy. which it was, but funny. hahaha all the repetitives "READY. OKAY!" and the super cute guy named harold. n thne the reallly really into it mixed lil boy. ooooh so many squeals. jo kept going HEHE. and my lil bro is soooo cuuute! hahaha n the very old line dancers. and the choir songs that TOTALLY dint make sense. ooooh i had fun laughing at ppl. n then at the restaurant. my sister is SO retarded. LOL but then i find out that jo's retarded too. man i kept laughing for no good reason. but thats really great, cuz that proves i'm HAPPY. riiight. okay so lots more stuff to say but i'm lazy so. i'm gonna leave it at that. i'm supposed to be studying.. mmm.