Wednesday, July 06, 2005

start of daycamp 2005

man the past few days have been surprisingly different from the past few years i've done daycamp. so many little kiddies this year, meaning MORE WORK. hahah so everyday there's been at least a few kids crying for their mom (i'd say normal.. but very unnecessary) hahah so since there are so many kids crying, out comes my comfort.. lol and it was so funny the first day. one kid, christopher started cryin cuz he dint wanna watch the movie Tarzan. it went like this:
kid: "i .i.i.i...i.i.i.i.i.i.i (scattered cries..)"
me: okay calm down, and tell me whats going on?
me: well... you can go sleep then
ahhaha he was so cute though
and yesterday we went on a field trip to promenade to watch Madagascar. i slept through half the movie.
hahah and today, a lil girl peed in her pants. i was just trying to finish up all the kids' crafts with the two 4&5s volunteers while talking to them. and just out of the blue, the kid goes
"i peed on the flooor"
me: what where?
girl: here (points to spot)
me: why didnt you tell me you needed to pee?
girl: i did!
i only found out after that she was standing right beside me the whole time waiting for me to bring her to the washroom -_-
hahaha nd today noah farted on felix. it was so digusting. and anna's gonna grow up to be a party girl, she's 9 and already had a sip of some wine coolers, watches American Pie and Eurotrip.
tomoro we're going to ontario place.
man i cant wait til daycamp is over... and now i have more worries to overcome. as in the lit incident, charmaine has informed me that i was supposed to get an email, lit training and an interview from seneca. all three of which i did not get... soo ahhh!