Sunday, July 10, 2005

susie's day [i'm sorry this is so long!]

look at pictures from last one up
[i'm such a gay -_-]
[amanda, cherry, me and jae][saki and jae are such cutiepiepies! look i'm in the bg!]
[trying to be something we're not]
[i'm laughing at jason. jayho's big fat body's in the way]
[susanna just got wiped out by henry and jeff]
[henry dilly and jeff getting ready to murder the birthday girl]
[this was only half our group]
[three of my cheeks were showing -_-]

yesterday started out with me waking up uberly early just to make it in time for my morning ortho appointment. well it wasnt really early, more like 10am, but still thats early considering its summertime. and so i get there wearing my beach attire (shorts and tank) carrying a filled backpack full of towels and vball and change of clothes and ish like that. ahahha a normal person going to their ortho appointment wouldnt really look like that, so i felt kinda uncomfy. but yeah i get there and i feel really mo liu just cuz there wasnt really a place for me to sit and it wasnt my turn yet. and so i get called in, but i'm like sitting there for 10 minutes on the chair. but like he was so occupied with the people that came AFTER me. so i was kinda peeved, cuz i was there first. but meh, whatev. and they do the usual on me change my elastics. then i do what i do every time i go. "Doctor, are you able to tell me when my braces can be off?" he pulled me aside this time and started thinking about it (for real, not like those random non-thinking answers like "soon") and he started writing some stuff, looking at my teeth again and ish, and he actually gave me something to look forward to. he said september... a lil late, but good enough.

after that lil conversation, i walk out and go for a bubble tea. i take my bubble tea and walk to the bus stop so i could bus to susie's. man it was a long bus ride. hahaha from kennedy to don mills. n then i get off and walk, i actually know my way! and as soon as i get closer i started getting confused. it was like 125...n then suddenly it skipped to 128... i was like wait, her number is 126. hahaha i felt so lost! but then i kinda just stood there on the sidewalk and looked around, i see barbeque smoke like kinda blinding my eyes n i hear a bunch of familiar voices in the backyard of what was apparently 126.(the tree was covering the number) and oohhhh joy i see my lovely ayers after a whole month of not seeing them! and to my surprise, my long lost swimming buddy was there, jessica!(jen, you know her) hahaha so it was goodie goodie, we get some krn bbq beef to eat and salad, but i wasnt really in an eating mood. food was good though, there was watermelon too (yummy) and then my fone starts ringing but it was so far, n then a random girl picked up for me (i know who she is now hahaha so she's not that random) n then she goes "hellooo?" *nervously* n then it turned out to be pheebs!. like i havent heard her voice in so long, and we just talked for a bit until i had to go. then a lot of us went to play killer vball, man i'm like deteriorating hahaha but its okay i can still work on it. i dint know the tims and kai were so good in vball! ahahha so that was pretty fun. and then out came water fighting. hahaha people just got random splashes, but i was like what the heck, get more wet! then i started trying to drench people n then people got really against me so then somehow i got drenched by tian. and so they got their revenge on me. but wow susie got REALLY drenched. like tian and jeff POURED a bucket of water on her. ahhah it was jokes though. and everyone started hugging each other just to get each other wet. i hugged kai n then there was like this outline of my tank on his shirt. harhar. anyway after the last people arrived, we had to head out to the beach (we had 27+ people..4 minivans) too bad tian and tim j couldnt make it. apparently tn's a pizza pizza telemarketer now o.O hahaha

and so i get vanned with jayho, mel, mellie, ming and amanda. we go to donmills station to pick up yvetty (dont know her, but jen does apparently :O) hahah it was so fun singing in the car, i think we scared off susie's dad! he kept turning up the music so he wouldnt hear our voices. n then we started like translating the words of the hip hop songs. ahahha! "drop it like its hot" turned out to be "deet jor ho chee yeet" ahha it was so jokes. and we get there (scarboro bluffs), man it was such a big crowd, like i dint even hafta look for them they were just THERE. anyway i dint wanna get wet at first just cuz yeah i JUST got there. so the people that got wet already were like chasing after the dry people it was so fun. i havent played in beach water in so long! hahha so after i got wet by some tards that i have no memory of, i start running after people being the mischievous one i am mwarharharhar i havent laughed liek that in so long. and omw, getting kai and jason was like DEEELIGHTFUL(well not really, it was just funny). kai, cuz he's just kai. n then jason. OH MAN. where do i even start? i'm like on his back, and he's like almost dropping me in the water already and then on my way down, i accidentally (i swear i dint mean to) yanked his boxers down. and i saw his CHEEKS. i swear, i was LAUGHING SO HARD while covering my face cuz i was so embarassed by what i did. i suppose he was way more embarassed than i was when he was trying to hide his buttocks. ahhaha and kids behind us were like "aaaahhh, ewwww a butt!" ahahahah! so after i got tired of the water i started playing vball and attempting to play frisbee which only lasted me two tosses. little tiny girl talks were included, oooh i love girl talks :) and what was also tres cool was that me and kai kept giving each other piggybacks it was ahaha very interesting to see that even i could throw him over my shoulder and walk around with him on me. it's either that i'm really really really strong or that he's really really really light.

this group of people are like so way contagious in the picture taking sense. they like take hundreds, so typical of chinese tourists. (not that we're tourists or anything ^^) ahahha it started out with like human pyramids, attempts of trying to score the look on the One Tree Hill cover. and just lining up the guys that we had TOPLESS for an Average Joe picture. it was so fun. poor jayho, being as conservative as he was he was so reluctant to show his abs. he made it look like he wasnt going to, but once the camera flashed he quickly flexed and everyone gave SUCH a big reaction it was like *jayho flexes* everyone: OOOOOOHHH SEXYYY! hahaha funny funny

i think after a while we were getting a bit hungry since we were only feeding on lil korean rice cakes (we looked like we were a bunch of diet freaks, no offense) and smartfood, and some miss vickies that ming completely raped. (no one got any except him). so me, jayho, ming, lyd and mish head out to get some hot dogs. to our surprise, they were on the verge of closing so we were like bummed hungry kids. we ask the hot dog/ice cream people where the nearest snack bar was and they answered like this: "just follow the trail, it's in the middle of the hill" and us being such innocent people figured it wouldnt be that far away. so we just do what they tell us. and since we're such tourists, we decide to ask the ice cream boy that was just riding by with his ice cream trike where exactly was it to make sure. and he's like "follow me" so we do, and we're such hyperhyper children and we like start talking about his trike and stuff. and we ask him what school and how old he was. and yeah then he asked us for a smoke WHAT DO WE LOOK LIKE? PEOPLE WHO FREAKING SMOKE OUR LUNGS OUT CUZ WE DONT KNOW THE VALUE OF LIFE? so yep, we finally get to the snack bar (it was SO far away from the beach, you have no idea) and we like order order (expensive food) n then i like really needed to go peepee and there werent any washrooms except for the one in the bar where a wedding was taking place. but seriously, it was like emergencyful and then me mish and lyd start running to find a washroom right. hahaha we're such bad kiddies, and we dint really interrupt the wedding or anything but what was really odd was the sign outside of the washroom door "you're not allowed to use the washroom unless you are a customer, but if you are to use the washroom, you must pay $1" what arses. we dint end up paying though cuz we're such skilled sneaks :) so that took a bit. me and mish make our way back to the snack bar, food was almost done except for my chicken burger. it took such a long time! so while i was waiting i was like loading on the ketchup on the fries ahhaha (very canadian there :O) ahhaha and we're just like waiting waiting and we start talking to the people that work there and very shockingly, two flip guys started asking for our names n then he was like.. okay i'm not gonna remember all of that and he voluntarily wrote down his name and email for us. i was like. oh...k. so yep, we like head back to the beach considering we were away from the 20+ other people for so long and on our way there, the ice cream boy rode his bike to chase after us for our emails and names. and since we're so nice we give him the emails, not all were real though. he was like "its not every day we get to chop girls" i was like... okayy. ahhaha n then we start walking again and a lil bit after he comes back again for our names to write down beside the emails. so we really start getting scared especially mish, and so mish and jay start praying just for the sake of it when we got there. wow like people were like getting ready to leave, we got there THAT late with the food that we were gonna share. hahaha so we start loading the vans like we did when we were going there. ahahha packin on was so fun. we had like 3 people in the trunk, 4 people in the back seat, 4 people in the middle seat, 2 people in the passenger front seat and the driver. like WHOAAA duude. thats what i call a road trip. i cant wait til we actually can have one once we're old enough and legal enough. itll prolly be richie or jayho first. hmmm joyjoyjoy. so we get our ride and we get dropped off at Subway (eat fresh!) at the edge of scarboro. it was like brimley and danforth or something. i was like oh dear. i have like NO CLUE where i am and how to get out of it. so we linger around at subway until we could figure out how to leave and stuff. ahahah, but wow i love wandering around with these people its like every moment is exhilarating ahahha well not that extreme, but i do love these people :)

ahaha so we finally walk to the bus stop to get to kennedy. like wow, thats the eastest end of the bloor line. oh and like during the bus ride, us girls kept complaining about how tired we were with out really noticing that people around us were listening so like a couple guys like gave us their seats. i was like :O we should always do that when we get on the bus and there arent any seats. just start complaining about how exhausted you are and you'll get a seat. hahaha n so we get down to the ttc. we like INVADED the train. we like took all the seats and people were like swinging on bars and stuff. but there were the random few like me who were really pooped. i even lost my voice cuz i was so dehydrated. ahhaha and falling over each other is funfun too cuz we catch each other when we fall :O (literally and emotionally) ahhha wow it was like 20something stops just to get to finch. and just randomly at north york centre a bunch of people got off. and it was so funny to see their faces. all their mouths were like :O cuz they werent aware that it wasnt finch yet. anyway yeah, so finally it was like 11:00 pm when we got to finch and we all went our separate ways except for kai, ming and jayho who went with me to kiss and ride *winkkk* hahaha no. and we're just sitting on the curb, i try to talk, but all the guys shut me up cuz they can barely hear me anyways since i lost my voice. so i listen to them talk about some basketball ish. oh and then me and kai hugged for some random reason but i needed it. i felt really sick and tired. alala so after a bit, my dad comes with water. HE SAVED THE DAY. i've never loved water so much


more pics are coming soon :)

happy birthdays to vic and sandra :) happy birthday to dan mok for tomoro! all the sixteennesses