Saturday, August 13, 2005

just a bunch of...

+a little bit two months of a well deserved summer has passed, just a few more weeks to go before we go nerding ourselves again for the sake of a "good" future. though not everyday of my summer was spent sleeping in, snacking on junk food, flipping through channels like i did almost every past summer, i'm actually glad i didnt. i know i'm accomplishing some stuff though held back from some other things i'd much rather be doing.

+i know school's starting soon. most of us are dreading it, but me, underneath all my complaints of not wanting to go back, i sorta do. i'm eager to find out what God's planned for us next. are we gonna carry out what we wanted just a few months ago? a revolution? are we gonna stick to it, and pour our hearts to making it happen? being followers of God we need to be leaders in this world. not later, NOW.

+i love summer. i love friends. i love the fact that i'mable to love. and as deb said. to love is Christ.

+"Love is time. Our love is revealed by how much time we invest in what we love. Time is so precious since it's unknown to last, limited not to our own knowledge and undefinite to us. You can never make time, time is given to you from God. Thus, our time is the greatest gift we could offer to God and His people. You cannot love without giving and life is all about love, so let's offer our lives, all we have, all our time to God and His children." - taken from roh's xanga