Tuesday, September 27, 2005

bloggie craving?

back to blogging. cuz i feel like it.
i'm too lazy to make my own layouts.
lack of creativity, dedication.
whatever. hahaha hence my media cd thing.
so odd!

school's boring as ever. class to class.
SPARE. however, i couldnt ask for more.
tis the greatest!

so yup, i got the job at child care.
the job descriptions boring though.
ahahha listen. its like
take chair. sit in the hall. make sure kids dont run wild when going to the washroom to pee. or poo. thats gross. i'll stop there haha

at a cost... i'm gonna hafta give up extracurriculars. but i am SO in need of money right now. i almost got a taste of heaven from hearing about earning money. you know. the stuff i lack.

speaking of which. i prolly say this too much. but joey said i barely talk about him. so now i shall. he makes me =)))))))))))))))))))))))

and now i'm hungry. and now i need to do homework.