Saturday, October 01, 2005


ahhhh i just posted a pretty long blog and it just got deleted so now i hafta write it all over again. boooo okay so as i was sayinggggg
i'm stuck here at home again. dammit.
i can't go out to see nathan today so it sucks
my parents are already having suspicions. i'll give them that
but i'm not ready to tell them, at least not yet

i was teaching my grandpa how to speak english today. he's so cool

so jen, i'm gonna leave my agenda on my doorstep and you're gonna do the hugest favour for me right. thank you darling. hope its not too hard to find the person the note is for!

feebee. cheer up hunnybunches. dont worry that thing between you and your rents is just retarded. just as long as you know you didnt do it, it shouldnt matter what they think. and i'm telling you just so you know, you didnt do it. and dont talk back even when you should defend yourself, they'll shut up faster that way =)

joeyyy. talk to the guyyyy. otherwise i will for you. and you owe me money. lol

anyway just something i hafta end off with.
nathan rocks my smelly socks. =D