Friday, November 18, 2005

i've just realized...

disclaimer: talking about no one in particular, if this sounds like you, you could possibly be guilt tripping

people are gonna love you, hate you, despise you, rate you, judge you, play you, use you, and possibly kill you for that matter. but in the end, that's not what makes you, you.

and i, having experienced all of the above. having to go through endless minutes of wondering why on earth people are the way they are, what i'm doing wrong. i finally understand...

you may see me as a happy go lucky girl, you may see me being a selfish one, you may see me otherwise. but do you KNOW me?

do you know what goes through my mind each moment of each day? do you know how much of myself i have to humble to understand you, and do you know how much of me i have to find to boost myself back up?

in finalia, i'm already satisfied with the way things are. i've already set my standards low enough so i dont set myself up for bigger disappointments.

i may not be able to experience everything you're going through, but if only you could give me enough time to get to your level and understand..

and maybe all of us will find, love all around us.

after all, we're not in this life alone. plus, i love going out of my way to see you smile. even if its the hardest thing.

and that's always going to be a part of me.