Friday, November 11, 2005

locked in

yes. i am, in my own house. after waking up only 5 minutes after i went to bed, feeling nauseous, a whole wave of sickness took over my being. and as a result, my absence is truly present at school. ahahha and so i now result to staying at home. thank GOD jo's at home too, so i dont feel as bad as missing out. and we as losers shall go back to school when it ends to do our obligated duties. and then go to our designated destinations. wow, so much for being sick. harhar. so now i'm watching spice world. it's almost ending. wow hahahaha

and really, missing remembrance day wasnt my thing. i was just like weeping over my lost poppy two days ago. sadly, i dont think many of us would full understand the pride canada takes in the peace we now have. and somehow many people not really trying to remember canada's past but...lest we forget.

off to school soon to hand in homework, gather homework... and then childcare. n then my long awaited event. my visit to ay =)