Monday, November 21, 2005

passion craze

well since so many are in the passion fad of the concert and ish. their name just lit a bulb in my head. i used to have a lot of passion. i was passionate about so much. art, dance, sports. i loved doing all of them, it was like my way of temporarily detaching from life's inescapable problems. like homework for example. just doing what i enjoy most.

life's gotten so much more complicated since. so much gained, yet so much lost. and i've found that i'm not passionate about many things anymore. and i need to be. i really do, cuz life's not a whatever thing, it's like a yeah-life-is-good! thing.

what happened to DRINK MILK LOVE LIFE?

which reminds me, i barely drink milk anymore. hahaha gotta start doing that again. MOOOO

ymci coffeehouse on weds, i'm definitely looking towards that.

mind you, i never intended any of this to be passive for you. rather, something that always stood out. you still are, very special to me.