Monday, December 12, 2005

another spur of the moment

i think my previous wave of.. who knows what it was has passed me by. and i am now in a giddy-happy sort of feeling and i dont know why i am. i like it this way. no i am not hallucinating that you are now in my life again, but moreso thankful that you are alive. LOL please kill me now before i sound even more stupid. somehow i feel smarter reading books, digging for more inspiration despite the fact i totally flunked my math test today. but it's all goodies.

a little relation to one of my older posts. i need more passion. in everything. i want to be ecstatic about things. oh sigh, until that day comes... back to sticking my nose into useless academic material.

btw, i got two detentions in a span of one week. oh yum. but today in my lovely detention in the office i was accompanied by a lovely block of a rice krispie square. very nicely decorated with some retarded green licorice (i keed dani, i keed!) so now i think the after effects are beginning to kick in! =D

and now i shall close this post before i scare myself.