Saturday, December 10, 2005

day of multiple moods

i was talking to milly the other day, it's never gonna be possible for me to forget you unless i diagnose myself with alzheimers or something. but i'm glad we shared some happy times together nevertheless, we're luckier than so many others. and with that, no more complaints, but more signs of thankfulness. more appreciation for who you are. :)

i haven't chilled with this girl in forever. i'm glad you came, more than 12 hours of vball, eating, bumming around, talking, doing whatever... it's been a while! love you tonz!

outcome of lock-in was pretty.. interesting. went it with high hopes of being able to play some sort of ball all night. but in the end collapsed on our borrowed mats with no sleeping bag. having to try to sleep through the cold, since we were on the floor in the basement. only to wake up finding a heater in the hallway... oh well, still something memorable i guess... my arms hurt from playing too much vball. i broke my toenail from playing huckle buckle. yup, definitely interesting.