Sunday, January 01, 2006

bliss of 2005

edited 01/07/06
still adding pictures.
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i remember...
+ valentine's at jen's church
the coolest table of the eveningmy valentines
+ tc trainings
at jay's house pretending to be gangsturr
+ tian's sixteenth
+ tc 05
it was so fun with these kids
+ agape winter retreat
+ my baptism - march 27, 05
another milestonesupports like a bra
+ my sweet sixteen
it's always gon be like this'cause we're cool
+ science project day at jen's
we are working VERY hard
+ eurotrip - april 23 - may 5 [unforgettable]
we just had to take a picture in the washroom where no one else would see usin hungary; where everything swings both ways
these romanians were some of the nicest people i've ever metsay hello to teodora
this was the euroteam
+ science field trip
the usual. i think that day we saw a frog non?
+ pca spring banquet 05
i did the unforgivable: i sat in between le couple
+ DMCI prom
at the liberty grandehis real name is tyrell/tyrone, i forget which one. but everyone calls him shawn so he won't get shot
+ chuey and jason's sixteenths
+ going to florida for the umteenth time
LOL look at my sister's jacket
+ su's sweet sixteen
pyramid attempt #1pyramid attempt #2
it looks like the girls can do it better alone..who do you think is gonna win this season's ayj average joe?
+ LIT at seneca
mala brian bianca and iwhatchu lookin' at, punk?
we just sucked on lemons!*superhero music*
SM = soulmate!
+ pheebs' sweet sixteen
at mix2
+ volunteering at sick kids
+ milly's sweet sixteen
+ random flood/hurricane
+ bronze cross
+ agape summer retreat
+ nathan =)
+ jen's sweet sixteen
at earl baleswe look angelic dont we 0=)
+ ufair
+ mediterranean cruise [best ship EVAR]
let us out! we're innocent!
+ mtee's sixteenth
at jack astor's
+ ayj battle of the bands 2005
look how happy lukas is to have so many fansjim looks like a chipmunk
+ field trip to the library!
+ jim and kai's sixteenths
+ jo and josh's sixteenths
mmmmm tastayi love this girl
my mom calls us the fantastic 4i don't think the waiters knew how to focus
+ this year hit the climax of camera whoring