Saturday, February 11, 2006


I realize that I don't have much to say that inspires. I don't have much to share because much of it I keep to myself. To myself, because no one else can truly relate.

Differences are so much more apparent now that career paths are on hand. Same interests, same activities, same circadian clock. We seldom do the "I'll-do-what-you're-gonna-do" but moreso, "This-is-what-I'm-gonna-do-and-it's-up-to-you-if-you-wanna-follow".

I've grown to be less dependent on others; I'm learning to walk on my own, fully knowing that not everyone by me now is gonna be with me later. I'm sorry if I ever appear detached from any one of you and I'm sorry if I ever appear irritable that people are so dependent on me; it's a great feeling that we need each other, but that's just the way things are right now.

I'm trying to be..
strong on my own

Watch me fail, watch me prevail.

edit -- to the anonymous, I didn't mean I don't need anyone. What I meant was what you said self-sufficient; don't want to always live off people, always expect people to provide for me.