Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Again, I resorted back to this thing for a change.
I keep not wanting to write because of the fear of judgement, fear of exposure.

BUT... now I'm back hoping to store some kinda memories in my last days of high school. It's crazy I know. To some, I seem so young and yet I seem so old. I want to rethink why I need to pursue post-secondary education. Where do I want my future to be directed towards?

Anyway, I realized that I'm not always a patient person and yet I seem to have very high tolerance for some things/people that drive me insane. Why is it that I can sit back and do nothing?

On another note
9 days 'til Spring Formal. 21 days 'til Haig Prom. I'm still thinking about the possibilities of going to AY's afterparty... It won't be long 'til I finally graduate and then I'm off to the hot hot streets of Hong Kong.

While you're here reading this, check out the first link on the side of my page. It's some good stuff, so go go go. :)