Thursday, June 21, 2007

another chapter to end

I don't know what it was about you but I knew the moment I laid eyes on you... you would be someone hard to forget. You were someone that I thought I could never reach.

You were so much of something that I looked forward to every time I could see you... whether or not we'd talk. It was one of those things that when you acknowledged my presence I could see others eyeing jealously. I guess I'll consider myself luckier than most.

Every time you put a smile on my face I'd remember it so clearly. Every time you spoke to me or smiled at me I remember every nuance and every detail 'cause I knew I wanted to savour every moment.

Those promises you made me kept me believing you, trusting you.
Too bad none of those were kept.
Everything's gone now.

I'm moving on and I can't try like I did before.
But thanks for the memories.

Starting new...