Saturday, June 09, 2007

I've taken the longest break from studying already. I already took a short nap, I had a short but nice phone call that I only needed to wait for in two days time. And right now I just feel like blogging yet again.

I'm not the greatest at time management and even through that realization I don't learn my lessons to strive for the best.

"Do you want to get better?" he asks.
I answer, "Yes of course!" (thinking he's referring to my fever)
"Then you gotta be committed."

Oh... right. That's definitely something I'm not right now. But really, I want to find my ground... working towards a definite goal with a definite process...

FOUR MORE DAYS. I've never been happier to be done.

I want to gather up the courage and straighten everything out and leave yourself to think, if you can, while I'm gone. Or I can just do the whole closure thing and see how everything unfolds itself and falls into place without me putting excessive effort into it.

I need to get back into music. I want to play.

Anyway, I can't stress it enough... Thanks for being the difference.