Thursday, June 07, 2007

weakness in your eyes

I'm too sick right now to fully explain all the frustrations that I want to rant about. Right now I only have the energy to say this.

Wow, I just the exact same conversation with Sze Yee about the nerve parents have to say out of anger when one is hurt or sick.

Sze Yee rolled his ankle playing basketball and instead of really caring, his mom only scolded him for being careless.

Today, I knew I woke up feeling a little bit abnormal but I decided to walk it off. When I get home I discover that I have caught a fever again... 104 degrees fahrenheit. I could possibly go stupid if not recovered soon. I simply left a note by the microwave so when my mom got home she would know where I was. Instead I was woken up by constant yelling and constant scolding about how I should've taken care of myself better; how I should've dressed warmer for the weather. Mind you, I was wearing a sweater and a vest everyday this week to compensate for the cold spring weather.

So instead of wellwishes to get better, I got yelled at.
Thanks Mom, I really wanted to get sick especially at this time of year.

On a totally different note, I'm not trying to be demanding or whatever but gratitude could at least be shown from you instead of your ignorance for what I go through.