Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Long Haul

I live by the "whatever's supposed to happen, will happen" attitude - it sounds the most reasonable. But do our current choices not determine what will happen?

The whole God's plan thing is all so confusing to me. Like basically our lives are already planned out, so is there a point in choosing something, hoping for something ('cause that's part of our plan too right?)

Like if we could choose who we would be with for the rest of our life, is that part of His plan or do we have enough power to control it?

It's a confusing topic but yet sometimes I feel like I can change my future and sometimes I feel like it's already set out for me so if I want more than is planned... it won't make a difference.

Mike and I have been dating for about nine months now and honestly, I don't wanna be consumed in this relationship (because I really want to) if nothing is going to come of it after. He's old enough to get married and honestly, I don't think he's wasting his time on an "almost adult" like me if he wasn't serious right?

I'm pretty sure that after dating a few years - it's enough to say that if we can tolerate each other for like 4 years, we can live with each other for 40. But at the same time, it's a choice; we choose who our significant other will be...

Or do we?