Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mister introduced me to this show. One that debunks all the crazy things we believe works or is actually good for us. Obviously there's a little bias here and there but ultimately it asks us to be critical of what we see or hear. After all, everything's a business and everywhere around us screams for our attention... and our money.

I don't believe as easily as I used to and I ask questions all the time. Some are answered, and some have yet to be.

My question now is ... do face products actually work? I've been using these "placenta masks", let's call them, for the past two years now. (I swear it's not as gross as it sounds, it's actually quite therapeutic) It makes my skin silky smoosuh. But I don't really think my skin was that bad to begin with (minus the 3 years of acne)... so is it the products or is it the naturally healing skin cells that repair themselves everyday? Do I even want to indulge in products at all?