Sunday, May 31, 2009


My favourite raccoon of all time.
Every time I see a raccoon, I think that it's Meeko.

I saw a really cute family of raccoons the other day. Seeing families of ducks, pretty normal... but I've never seen a family of raccoons before and I have to tell you that it is absolutely the cutest thing.

There were three baby raccoons following in their mother's footsteps and one of them couldn't even walk properly yet! The mommy, I'm guessing, was trying to teach them how to climb trees and fences. The one that couldn't walk properly was struggling SO BAD climbing down the fence and tree, but she never abandoned it. She kept teaching, she kept trying. It got to the point where she wrapped her arms around her baby and tried to yank him down. But his hind legs would not budge.

Words cannot describe about how in awe I was.