Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real vs. Fake

You know that question people always ask you and if they don't ask you directly, you know they're thinking it. Is that purse you're carrying real or fake? They're not only asking you about whether or not your purse is a real designer purse or a fake designer purse there always implications with what the answer is... Obviously as superficial as it may sound ... what you wear is how you portray yourself, your personality, the way people approach you.

It may often come off as pretentious, snobby maybe if one was wearing or carrying all the designer items with no deviation away from what we see. But they can afford it, they can shower themselves with expensive gifts. Some reward themselves with something real.

I bring this up because I hate it when people ask me if my stuff is real or fake. Obviously, they want to know, to also know what kind of a person I am. Can I really afford all that stuff or am I pretending to look like I can? But seriously guys ... whatever expensive things I own I worked hard for so yes it bother me sometimes when I have to explain that it is real when the answer should be obvious.