Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Space and Time

Two words I heard over and over again during my second year. I never knew that these two words, or ideas, both of which influences our lives day to day would be so significant to me beyond lectures and readings.

I have found that a person needs space and time to heal, space and time in order to have closure, and likewise to forgive and forget.

We have really weird behavioural patterns ... which reminds me that he's pretty much deemed us as "humanoids". Like do you ever wonder how what other possible life forms in outerspace might observe us? We stare at animals and insects and we ooh ahh at the wonders that God placed in front of us. If an intelligent alien were to observe us in the same manner, wouldn't you think we'd be the most fascinating creatures and yet the most confusing species to understand?

We have set so many societal rules, personal demands that restrict us from living happily. Actually there aren't really any rules anymore. At this day and age, whatever seems right at the moment goes. We hardly ever pause to think how our actions affect a particular outcome.

We've done something wrong, or someone has wronged us. Some may blow up, fuming, while others aren't even affected one bit. Regardless, both have elements of space and time that contribute to that result....

Am I over thinking things?

Anyways, I might be rambling again... I've been rambling a lot lately when I get a chance to vent, talk, whatever. I think this has a direct correlation from my being cooped up in a cubicle all day.

Oh, my doctor says I should go outside more. 2 years ago, I would not have thought this would become a primary issue -.-.