Friday, September 03, 2004

my summer days

so my summer started on june 8. i just went out with my 2 best girls to watch mean girls. then june 10, we had a school trip to wonderland, it was pretty good. june 12, i went to dana's house. june 17, it was dana's birthday, and we went to her house again :), but i couldnt stay long cuz i had to go to the gr 12 grad. it was kinda sad to see those friends that were graduating only cuz i might not even see them again in my life. june 22: zion grad. i only went cuz i wanted to see tian. and there he was. made me smile =). okayy, me, jo and pheebs watched white chicks in between then muahaha. oh and our first markville-fmp trip. LOL pheebs: RAPE ME RAPE ME! june 28-30, i spent my days at ddc training, kinda boring but whatever. then july 3, was our surprise going away party for my homegirl, mishhh. it was pretty fun. just to see her happy n all. july 5-9, spent my days as a volunteer counselor at ddc. it's greeat having to play with kids all day. they love me and i love them. july 10, supposedly a hangout before pheebs leaves for hk, so we spent it at markville-fmp AGAIN. we bought our friendship bracelets, we bought pheebs' most expensive bag owned. grrbz lol n then, we went to sna. i kinda overrated it, or at least expected too much. but it was nice to see so many ppl i only see once a year. =) oh and i saw tian again =) nehoosers, then my routine starts again, july 12-16 at ddc. this week i got closer with my campers. ahhaa oh how i love them. third week of july, i unno what i did. i cant rmb, so which basically means i dint do nethin special. july 26-30, spent my days at camp u of t volleyball. it was really fun, i mean being able to play and meeting new ppl. haha it was pretty tiring, and sweaty since its so active, but you know i love what i do. thennn...the next week, was basically studying for history3. muahahaa i passed! i think =S. oh well stressfree now! so after my exam, i went to t3c, for their coffeehouse. saw tian again =). august 7: johnny's birthday thingie. watched collateral, then went back to his house for kbbq dinner. yuuuuummm. well since august 5, i was sick and on august 11, i was diagnosed with pneumonia, so there i was, at home with my tv, watching the olympics all day. for 2 weeks i think. until august 19. dint see a soul, other than my family, which was pretty sad, cuz i could have gotten so much done in those 2 weeks. so august 20, i go to t3c again for their grad night. haha westley overrated it. it should be funny, but i dint get all the jokes only cuz i dont know the ppl that were graduating...oh yea, but before then i went to watch open water with jae and josh @ fv. tian&dilly ditched the plans cuz they woke up late and were lazy. and NEVER WATCH OPEN WATER. stupidest movie in the world. nehoosers, thennn august 23-27,2004, some of the best days of my liiife. bonded with amazing ppl. closer to God. life changing week. lalala sept 1. went to markville-fmp with jo&pheebs. it was kind of like a reunion thing since we havent seen each other for more than half the summer. just catching up and all, and wat do you know, i see like so many ppl i know at fmp. but what can you do? oh was still funn..mmmm sept 2, planned to go to dannymerke's party. lol had to get a ride from jen, but jen's mom had some issues or something about going to my house, so therefore i had to walk to newtonbrook ss so that she could pick me up, then we went danny's mom's office so she could take us to their house, hahaa i called shotgun and had a nice conversation with his mom. haha anyhoosers, went to his house, though it wasnt as fun as last year only cuz all the guys kept playing bball, it was still okay. i was glad to see familiar faces again. oh and i finally met his cousinn! muahahaha. lol cute kid. well thats my summer so far, and here i am, on a nice hot sunny day, wasting my last days of summer away on a computer -_-. well i hope your summer was a blast, mine was a bliss.