Saturday, September 04, 2004

miss you like crazy

i don't know about you, but these 2 years have been pretty hard for me, well just in the friends aspect. at the end of grade 8, i've had 3 close friends leave me. and i could call them my best friends, only becuase they've put so many happy memories in my life. kathy, will, liane. we've gone our separate ways, and we've kinda grown so far apart, i dont even know whats going on in their lives. kathy moved halfway across the world. will&liane have newfound friends, newfound school, newfound lifestyle, that makes it kinda hard for us to talk. i wish i could turn back time, and just go back to french class. cuz thats when we mostly bonded. God only knows if they miss me, but i kno for sure that i miss them like crazy. well this year, even more of my tightest friends are leaving me: jay, jin, jj, michelle kao. i grew up with kaogirl, as in we've known each other since forever, though we werent the tightest friends of all time. the last time i remmeber being close friends with her was actually gr4. but i dunno, i always thought i was gonna graduate with her. she's one of the most amazing ppl i've ever met. jay: well we've been best friends since gr4. only becuase we always sat beside each other. lol he was always there for me, gave me the beefiest hugs. jin&jj, we've only been friends for 2 years, but oh man, everything they do makes me laugh. which is why im proud to call them my korean bros aka oppas. i'm gonna miss having them around me so much, im gonna miss their jokes that leave me in laughing spasms. the way they tease me, even that i'll miss. even chris choo and eddy im gonna miss, though we werent always close friends, but they put a huge smile at times here and there, and their presence i'll miss. even the teachers i'll miss. especially mr hiebert, i could say he was one of my fave teachers, even though he never taught me BUT he coached vball. i loved calling shotgun in his car. i loved joking around with him. but now he has a better job, oh well i was really looking forward to the gr 11 outdoor ed course. *shrugs* anyways, just those 5 days at camp satisfied my summer blues. grew so much closer to the friends i had there. dannyo, matty, rtaffe, roro, danchan, sammi, daisy. my counselors: aero, turbo, mully, napz, zanger, rufus, groo, cappy, boss, thorin. they've put so many smiles, memories, laughter in my life. somehow, theyre like family to me, only at chandos though, since chandos is like my 2nd home. like around them, i can always be myself, and every year, i look forward to the next time i see them. i'll never forget them. all these words cant fully explain how much im gonna miss them. i'll see them again someday soon...'til then, i'll be missin you all