Monday, September 06, 2004

funny day

well today started out with church as usual, it was a good sermon. then we dint have sunday school, and we dint wanna watch whatever movie the church had to offer, so karen, nate, jonny, ce and me decided to go to richards house. so we go there then we find kelvin there. then after i use richard's washroom (i feel rude), i go out, n i watch them play basketball since i cant play. then engel, angela and tiffany come along. so therefore it was like a crashin surprise day for richieee.(poor him!) HE HAS A FREAKING POOL. oh okay then we go to his basement, he not only has a pool table, but he has a jitz table too. oh n he had a drumset, then i attempting to play his drums, he kept yelling not to but i couldnt hear him, so then i kinda kept playing. (STRIKE TWO) oh well then we started playing jitz, but i really REALLY suck. ahhaha everyone kept grunting oh and jonny's fave line "think positive. you can't get any worse, you can only get better" cuz i really suck. then we attempt to play pool, but again i really suck. so basically lots of laughing. lol theeennn we walk back, and me n elena keep makin fun of jonnysoong. poor kid. oh well allala then i go yum cha theennn i go to char's house with karen n we stay there to kidna talk for a bit, then we decide to go to galati to mai sung aka grocery shopping. BUT TIAN WASNT THERE! oh well, hahaha first time grocery shopping with friends =) allala then we kinda like play pool again, but me n karen suck, but i suck more. lol theeennn we cook. ITS SOOOO GOOD. we rock girls! yuuuuuumm. well i kinda made a long story short but yaaa its late. but thats okay i had a fuuunnnn day =)