Thursday, September 09, 2004

first 3 days of school school started out with me just complaining about going back to school. just me dreading it. though it is nice to see everyone again, who doesnt wanna go thru life without stress? so now im back to pencils, back to books, back to teacher's dirty looks. i really have no comment on school other than, i wish it was still summer. well at first, i was kinda freaked cuz of the fobs. but heeyy im judging too early, i dont even know them, who knows? they could be really nice. haha new kid michael kim, cracks me up LOL. i dont htink he means to, but he does. lol and jon rayhanian is funny too, cuz he gets frustrated easily LOL anyways, so many ppl have pink backpacks. grrbz. lol its supposed to be my thing. anyways so second day starts, its okay once again... lalala todayyy again things happen. lol most classes are funny, except for math and science. GRRRBZ. two most important subjects are the most dreading. oh well otherwise im kinda fine with school, aside from homework. people laugh nd tease me, whatever lol what can i say? im a funny person =)