Wednesday, September 15, 2004

see you at the pole 2004

so this year's syatp theme. was "clean hands, pure hearts". though it was tiring for me have to take the subway, then walk WAY early in the morning just to get to school to for syatp, in the end it was worth it. feeling His presence there, say what you want, its not spiritual hype. its God. right there with us. and knowing that he'll never leave me or anyone, gives me so much encouragement. well all these prayers prayed this morning, i know God will answer them. its just a matter of time. to those who dint go, you missed out! but thats okay, we're always praying. so then there was school, ladeda. then chapel, grrbz its sooooo DEAD. x.x what can i do? oh well. anyways then there was the math quiz. ppl say its easy, its cuz youre SMARTER. i only got like half the questions right. grrbz. whatever pisses me off. alala okay now im at home. peeeace :D lalaa next daay.