Sunday, September 19, 2004

wonderland 918

hmmm i guess you could say that it was a pretty good day. though we spent 2 hours and a half waiting for alex fong, only to have him perform for 10 minutes -_-. lol ml's couzin alan kept getting ditched by his friends. lol to alex fong. TAKE IT OFF! MOK JOR KUI! lollll n thennnn kept seeing ppl we kneew. then we went on dragon fire, and in the process of goin there, we saw someone we dint really wanna see and then we ran like crazy lolll. then we went on cliffhanger and kevin kept laughing his face off at our hair, it wasnt even that funny. thenn we go on spinovator. hmm the first tiem we went on was funnier. oh well then we went for funnel cake. and in the process of leaving, my mom was like hmmm maybe fong lik sun is in the parking lot, ahhaa n then i yell FONG LIK SUN!!!! ahaha then everyone joins in ^^ thenn i take ml and jo to dinner with will's family, n thennnn i take them to jo's house. jo lives in the middle of nowhere, but yet she has a freaking nice house. okay byee!