Thursday, September 23, 2004

prayers please

i think its time for prayers right now. i think my mom was diagnosed with endometriosis just a few months ago. and since then, she's been getting pains in her abdominal area. actually i dont quite know where it is, but its where her ovaries are. apparently cysts had grown there. and they were supposed to take it out in august. but then, the doctors found that it was too big so they scheduled another date to take it out: tomorrow. through everything, my mom was so strong and hopefully she'll make it through cuz i honestly dont know what i'll do without her. i mean, if i was in her position, i think i'd wanna let go. but i'm way proud of her for everything. for being the strong woman that she is. and i kno God will answer prayers. so please do me a huge favour and pray that the surgery will go well. pray that the surgeons would have the wisdom to help take the cysts out. pray that my mom will pull through. pray for my moms safety. but most of all pray that God will heal her. thanks everyone.