Thursday, October 07, 2004

past week

oh dearies. this past week was so hectic i was in such a mess. 4 tests. and i kept losing stuff. lol but thank God its all over. im looking forward to tomoro. its yearbook day. so everyone that left last year is coming back WOO HOOO. lol i missed them. well some of them anyways. but JOYY! theres gonna be a lottta hugging and running around for me trying to get to them and see them and give them a GREAAT big hug. lol then after im going to see scacers again! yaay. oh yeah saturday might be fun. hahaa when i asked my parents they dint even answer, hopefully that ends up being a yes cuz CMON its thanksgiving weekend. muahaha. okay well im done blogging for tha day. bye!