Sunday, October 17, 2004

music "retreat" 2004

well this year sounded pretty crappy to start out. like its not even a retreat cuz we dont even sleepover, plus it was only like a 2 day thing. but wow, to my surprise i underestimated it. suure we were playing music like all the time. but the point being was that we dint hafta go to school and it was kinda just a time to chill and bond with those people we'd be going to europe with. my highlights were probably free time and worship and games. too bad i couldnt stay for games on the 2nd day cuz my sis had to go home and do a project. so did i, but i dint do anything. oh ahhaha food was good. hahaa i kept piggin out on the subs. teachers were awesome, we kept joking around with each other =) hahaha and i guess thats it. i dont expect much, so therefore im satisfied.