Wednesday, December 22, 2004


i'm so in a blogging mood today. and i had that spur of the moment depression. well, after all hte lecturing from my parents, they finally let me go to mish's house. and oh man, it made me oh so happy. hahaha jay chuey and i kept having laughing spasms over nothing funny at all aka kai.n then we like play mahjong, ahhaah i felt so stupid cuz i wasnt fast enough. n then we like play cards, ahhaa so jokes. cuz kai kept staring at me. HARHARHAR n then mish sucked on her toes and then sebi had to drink a narsty "concoction". hahah tim never talked. char kept doing pig for me. *sighs* cant wait til i chill with you guys agaiiinnn. oh and what sucks was that me & tian keep missing each other. i was boarding when they were having lunch and tian was there n then i went to mishs house, n then right when im driving away i see tian walking to mish's house >=[ nehoww. more boarding tomoro, im happy im improving, just veryyyy slooooooowlllyy. okay well good nightios