Tuesday, December 28, 2004

i'm a lucky ducky

:( i dont like these tragedies. like wow, natural disasters are tooooooo much. earthquakes, hurricanes and now the asian tsunami. the world IS coming to an end. all the revelational prophecies are coming true. i dont know how we can cope with everything. like just a while ago, the farmer that lost his family of a wife and 8 kids. and it all calls for trust and knowing who to turn to in times of struggles. i know that God knows what He's doing but ahhh, so much at once.

i remember watching i think it was the late show with david letterman. and he basically introduced this guy on his show who was born with no elbows and no knees, so he had no lower arms and legs. and it's kinda sad because he has a pretty good looking face too. lol, but i'm so amazed by his optimism, he kept his spirits high. he plays sports like hockey football and even wrestling. it amazes me so much a person with no elbows and knees could do all that. he's even a motivational speaker AND he has a girlfriend. i really admire him, but too bad i dont remmeber his name.

if all these things happened to me, it would kill my day and days to follow, but it dint. i've never had all those things happen to me, and yet i'm complaining about how school sucks or how cold it is or how i cant go out as i dont have a ride. the things i'm complaining about could never compare to the things that have happened to the thousands of others that are having a more miserable life than me. and i've come to the conclusion that i'm gonna make the best out of everything instead of complaining. thats another one of my new years resolutions.

to the rest of you out there, you all are lucky ducks, to be sitting here reading my blog, eating, living. Jesus loves you, really.