Monday, December 27, 2004

year 2k4 flashback

i must say, its been an eventful year. though not everything was good it still did contribute to my memory of 2004. but i'm not gonna name the bad ones. here's a list in chronological order from my memory. if i forgot something, you shall inform me :)
  • the typical countdown
  • fmp with josh, nat, kit, ron, kar
  • josh's house for our gang5tarz
  • jen's house
  • my house
  • laughing spasms with joeeyyyyyyy
  • hong kong
  • my birthday
  • spring retreat
  • wonderland
  • zion grad
  • doncrest
  • pheebs' early birthday mall trip
  • sna
  • volleyball
  • chandos
  • richard's house (jitz pool laughs) then cooking with char and kar
  • jen's birthday hangout (karaoke movie food)
  • halloween
  • the multiple movies and mall trips i've taken with you guys
  • my cousins coming
  • mishs house (mahjong, laughing at kai, cards and more laughs)

more to come, as this year aint over. just a few days left. i'll miss 2004. we're growing up way too fasttttttt.