Sunday, December 26, 2004

le jour de boxing

boxing day. i always look forward to that day. sooo, after many fussinesses from my younger siblings, i finally got to a place where i was SO in the mood to shop. and i start walkin, and omword its like crazy filled with people i thought i was about to suffocate cuz i couldnt walk. but hey, yet again i manage to go someplace where i know someone. ahhaha and lookie lookie. exactly a year later on boxing day, in the exact same mall i see one of my besties: jo. toooo badd she didnt give me the reaction that made us crack up. like boxing day 2003 was "EEEEE!!!" *waves hands in the air and runs to give rachel a hug* hahaha this year was *tap rachel hard on the head* and say hey. lol n then she leaves to go find vanessa. ditchaaarrr. and wow it was so weird cuz i saw MISHHHHH n then i saw steph. like happiness maannn. i think my shopping day would have gone so much better if it was just me and my mom, like seriously, sibs were like whining everyywheree :((((. and stupid forks and see lai's kept pushing me to get their way, i was like MANNERS LADIES. *sighs* but i got these lounge boxers (gotta love em), socks (fetish for em now), sweaterrr (ooo, makes me feel nice), headset for my cam radio, disney cd (jesse mccartney, aaron carter and stevie brock is what i'm talking about; funny how the 3 of them look like triplets almost). i love my christmas presents mann, when i was opening em yesterday i was like mmmm i love my relatives. oh and right, aaron gave me a kinder bueno ahhah. well after i leave my place of suffocation (stc), i go to see my cute gramma and eat dinner there. i love to see her and hug her and mmm. she makes me laugh. hehehehe. nehoosers, nightie nights.