Tuesday, December 14, 2004

kill me

school stinks like a garbage dump >=[ tests, projects. holy crap, one at a time people. christmas break would be a greeeeat way to cool down for me. lol n then we go back to school again, homework projects and EXAMS n then i wish for march break. hope itll be alll good by then. oh well gonna stop complainin about school. just some food for thought:

isn't it stupid how in public schools, the talk about Christianity is restricted but yet every other religion isnt held back? isnt it stupid how if you say a word, let's say CHRISTMAS, that it would offend someone. like HOW SO? so therefore public school teachers arent allowed to say the word CHRISTMAS cuz it might offend someone. like WHO? NO ONE FLIPPIN CARES. grrr, hahaha they let the muslim faith or jewish or watever religion there is go on with their lives, becuase if they start holding restrictions, theyre gonna do their rioting where as Christians are calm sensible people. you would think they'd be used to being held back from practicing their faith. anyways. not really food for thought but aahhh its stupid still...