Friday, December 17, 2004

w00t, schools OUT

mwarharharhar, today was a good day i think :) stress free for two weeeeeks. YAAAAY. anyways, went to school today. all you make me smile :) you guys know who you are. i feel so broke right now, using my NEW CRISP bills haha from chinese new year like MONTHS ago, but thats okay, theres another one for me to look forward to! anyways, wow i think toronto is a small world, liane will and kev at eatons. ahhaha n then us avoiding seeing robert and matthias. anyways, still need to get prezzies im not a good person in getting ppl what they want. :S from eaton centre to yorkdale. it was okay, kinda scary cuz there were so many gangsters there. lol but then we watched ocean's twelve. i didnt understand what the beginning was talking about so i kinda like dozed off a lil, then it started to be okay as i put the puzzle pieces together with pheebs. haha it coulda been a better movie, but i cant really complain. and now im really tired. gotta meet up with my loveloves again n see my chandos-ers and ay-ers. and you, if you really wanna meet up. haha oh and curt & stan: i didnt get you anything, but here you can have a christmas hug, usually its really expensive but since im so nice, you can have it for free :) haha merry christmas, kiddoooooooss