Sunday, January 02, 2005

during this holiday, though i didnt go to any retreat or do anything super special, He reassured me that we were still close. He was there for me when the ones i thought that would, didnt. its a new year, thank God :). new year to do new things, renew former relationships and continuously grow in Him. though i'm still not happy about going back to school, i'll always know that something new and exciting's about to happen. i've learned to appreciate, rather than hate. and i've learned to count the good things in life, rather than the bad. to the people who think they're ruining my life, tough luck suckaaaars. cuz i'm a happy go lucky person remember? :)

lovings to jc, jh, jk, jr, ch, cl, mm, ts, ww, dm, mt :):):):):)