Friday, January 07, 2005

LOL what jokers. dana michelle and renee are. so yesterday, instead of gym we had study because there were no teachers to teach us. first i was kinda disappointed but whateverr. so study hall was in the computer lab. we had like NOTHING to do so we just went on diff sites to play games. dana and renee kept playing bomberman and oh man my cheeks and tummy hurt so much from laughing hahaha and finally we went to ebaumsworld ahahha that thing has the best games. we played so many funny games, like the beach volleyball thing. ahaha it goes like if you have this many points, YOU GET TO PLAY TOPLESS. loll i was like whaaaatt. but we didnt know how to play that so whatever n then we play this game where you hafta keep the drunk man walking hahahaha, oh man. n then how hard you can slap the monkey. and the best one was...*drum rolls* the defend the castle thing. me renee and dana rockk! hahaha so jokes :):):)

well today was one of the better ones. firstly cuz its FRIDAY. vball prac was fun cuz of all the spiking. last day of civics, study day in science (and once again i get to diss mr lee :D), exam in accounting (ehh whatever). french was jokes with mr rad, history (FASHION & FLAPPERS), n then in math, MY FONE WENT OFF AGAIN >=[ this time i knew who it was. WES. stoopidhead. thank God for mercy of mr v, otherwise my lovely fone woulda gotten confiscated. now we wouldnt want that would we now? nuh uhhh. ahhaa n then after school alf was so retarded. lolll, pushs me around n then my hair got in dunkin's mouth (whoopsie daisies) ahhaah n then he looks at his watch "heyyyy this isnt my watch! yo who has my watch?" *runs around looking to see who has his watch* n then in the end ahhaha he finds out it was his watch except it broke. hahaha cuz its fakeeee! fake will break. i'm a poet and i didnt even know it. :):) okay so i'm gonna go to church today if my rents let me, and watch tv. tomoro i'm having my interview with paula. and pooey, and if my parents let me chillin with tian and jo. so yuuuurp. okaaay, bye lovelies :) you all make my day.