Monday, January 31, 2005


yaaayy. lost again, but we saw it coming right? but liberman is incredibly good, so i give em props for that. n theyre a lot nicer as people than the other schools, so i'm not too sad about losing cuz they honestly are very good. okay so yeah february babies and events:
01. nathan p turns 16
02. mikewoo and justin turn 16; pca vs. yorkland vball
03. jacob and jay wong turn 16
04. heather turns 18
05. tc training; seneca vball tourney
10. paas turns 18 (i think)
12. folcc valentines banquet; johnathan turns 16
14. valentines day; danchan turns 16
18. careers interview thingie due
28. matt turns 16

uhh..i'll update the forgottens, meanwhile im pooped! so byeeeeee