Sunday, January 30, 2005

childhood sweets

today i just had the urge to clean my basement (those who've been to my house know what i mean), and holy mo, i didnt even know i had that much stuff. there were like all these paintings, even drawings of mine that have been framed. and i just wanted to hang it all over my house, but then that would take time and organization. then i came across all these toys i used to play with, even those craft kits. and i found my jumbo crayon box that musta been like what 12 years old? and i showed my mom, cuz she was the one that spent a lot of time with me, entertaining me with all these toys and ish. it made me really think of how fortunate i was, and how often i take my mom for granted. like we have all these retarded arguements that only last for a few hours. i found like my mini kitchen. and oh my, i almost had tears in my eyes. like my childhood was really great, i was happy and all. i'm never throwing my toys away. mwarharharhar. n then so i walk off and try to clean my living room up (and once again, those who've been to my house know what i mean), n then my mom starts yelling GUITAR GUITAR! so i'm like whaaat? n then i run down to my basement, and lo and behold my mom's standing in our boiler room, holding a guitar that mustve been like over 20 years old. like my house is ancient man with ancient treasures. LOL n some of you might know that i've been longing for a guitar for centuries. alalla and so i'm strumming this kinda chipped guitar with some rusted strings that are soooooo out of tune, but still that made my day. ohh, we installed an air hockey table just yesterday, so its fun. lol now i'm just missing a plasma tv with surround sound and a jitz table to complete an entertainment room. cleaning up's a pain in the buttocks but then its amazing to know what you can find :) so yeah, i guess i didnt end up doing my homework after all. cuz i dont get it. i feel stoopid lalala, okayyyy oh and did you know i had a wine bar in my basement? LOL but none of you would know because it's hidden... under all of our junk. lalalala, i miss being a kid. and i found a lot of hot wheels and lego. i think i should donate all of our old clothes and toys to the salvation army. to give them my toys which was once loved my be so they can love them =)