Sunday, January 30, 2005

ooooh dearies

ooooh dearies. rachel forgot people's birthdays! :O:O:O thats saaad. neway happy seventeenth clint! (jan28) and happy sixteenth bev (today) lalalla, im tres screwed. havent raised any money or sold any tickets for europe. come to think of it, i never really earnestly wanted to go in the first place. yeah sure its music "missions", but if i wanted to go on a missions trip, wouldnt i be excited to go? wouldnt i be doing a lot of things to make this trip possible? and i never had the right attitude, and i honestly feel that God isnt calling me there. i dont know what to do. i think im gonna talk to mr philip :S im not talking to mr vernon cuz he's gonna make me feel sorry for him and make me wanna go. harhar, anyway gotta hand in my tc form annnd oh my im gonna hafta miss the vball tourney @ seneca for tc training cuz its on the same day -_- annnd im not able to go to the dmci semi cuz its on a flippin thursday :( annd the missions banquet is gonna be retarded for me since i dint sell any tixx. aannndd i think im looking forward to the valentines thing at jens church :):) SMILE JEN! LOVEYOUUU! larlarlar, oh just in case i forget here are the coming up febby babies. nathan p turns sixteen on feb 1. mikey and justin turn sixteen on feb 2. jay (my gor) turns sixteen on feb 3. everyones growing up sooo fast, *teeears* okay i think i should go do my math and science homework even though i dont get any of it :S